Sunday, December 9, 2012

Do people get too old to receive gifts?

Now I understand why my mother stopped giving gifts at Christmas.  Every year she went out of her way to spend money and go shopping for gifts for me, my brothers, my -law, my husband, all of her grandchildren, Great-grandchildren, nieces nephews, friends,and God children. Mami (my mother) cooked big meals like pasteles, pork butt, Turkey, Rice with peas, white rice for those who did not eat red rice and salads.  Mami also made desserts like coconut rice pudding and tembleque, she also made a Spanish coconut egg yolk with liquor called "coquito." Everyone had a wonderful time, I tried helping her with the dishes but she never let me do it. My sisters in laws did it.
On mothers day Mami cooked and whenever there was a holiday.
Time went on and as the family grew they went their ways, but Mami always cooked for the holidays and we all went.  My father died and Mami continued to buy presents for everyone. Year went by Mami got old and many stopped giving her gifts. I understand that Mami was intolerable at times, but she never stopped buying gifts.
One day she began to realize that her grandchildren stopped visiting her and did not bother to call to see how she was. My oldest daughter called her every day, I made sure to call her every day and take her shopping or to the Doctors or clinic appointments. My brothers called her every day.
I myself began to notice that Mami kept buying gifts, but all of a sudden no one was giving her gifts.
One day she decided not to buy gifts for anyone except the youngest grandchildren my brothers and me. Mami told me that she felt that no one was paying her any mind or calling her, so she decided not to buy to many gifts to people who did not appreciate her. I heard a certain young man say that he did not give her any gifts because she was  old and would die soon. His believe is that when people get old they die and it is useless to give them gifts. I knew this was totally idiotic, Mami outlived all of her eight sons and husband.  have seen many old people outlive younger people.
Mami loved putting up a tree and decorating the house her fire escape and contributed to decorating the street.  Sadly, Mami stopped decorating and buying presents except for my brothers and me. We are her children and she knew we always waited for our presents. The presents that she bought for the youngest grandchildren were picked up late so she stopped buying them gifts too. I miss her so much, I miss her even if she was a big pain in the behind.
That brinsg me to today, for it is happening to me and a lot of seniors, but not everyone thinks the same.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Revenge with Hurricane Sandy Frankenstorm

It would be very hipocritical of me to say that I am sorry that Frankenstorm went toNew York city. I must stop gettting angry because I hurt many.  I know that is was a coincidence but I wanted a big hurricane to hit New York. I have been hurt by so  many in New York that I want them to hurt. I am a New York Rican now residing in Florida. I know  how New Yorkers think. They are invulnerable, nothing hurts them and that atttitute, make many hate them. New Yorkers are survvivors, We can take anything thrown at us. Too many stones were thrown a me, hurt me, I may forgive, hurt my kids or hurt me with  kids and I am coming after you full blast, and leaving no prisoners. I love the fact that it happened on Halloween week!  I wanted my enemies blown away. I am through being nice, it gets me nowhere. Strange how Sandy Frankenstorm just happened to turn and go straight to New York. Even the news wrote that it is a once in a life time thing, a biblical thing, a strange thing. I cannot say that I am sorry and feel bad, because I don't. I protected my own. All I said was, "May God have mercy with them."
         I feel no Mercy, I am not glad that so many innocent people lost their property, lives and electrical power, and I hope they can start over. I live in Florida, I have been through many storms and have survived, I know  how they feel.
        I have my daughters back,  we talk, we have started a new relationship. I know that there are many who did not want that to happen. They tried again, but this time I was ready for them. I am not letting anyone or anything break my family apart. I have gone through hell and back. I am not going back, I am going forward  kicking and stomping on everything that gets in my way.
      Yes, there are many things that people do not know about me, the less they know, the more  I can do.
Now back to Sandy Frankenstorm,  do you think it was strange as if done by the Supernatural, or was it a coincidence.  Who knows, I am not telling. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Friday, October 5, 2012

Peace at last

God has given me my baby girl back. Now there is  peace between my children and I. I love them all with all my heart. Tough love hurts, but it has to be given. Now we all understand each other. I also went to see my friend Kitty. I did not want her to die without us getting together one more time. We wanted to do so much, but we both cannot do much walking, but we did spend time together. All is good now.  I have always said, never wait for the end, it might be too late. Families and true friends should do every thing they want to do together so there will be no regrets.  Now I can continue my writing. I have so much to write about. My new book,a Novel, "ETERNAL LOVERS." I am sending to the publisher. Now I will be writing AS  THE CHAT TURNS. It is about old chatters who have been together and have helped each other from 1999 to present. If you want something done do it yourself, for only you knows exactly what you want. I always go for what I want and  succeed, thank God.

Friday, August 17, 2012

All I want is peace

I have done something that I thought that I would never do. I love my daughters, I would do anything for them. I have been feeling my oldest daughters hurt. I dream about her every night. She may have her faults, but no one is perfect. I know in my heart that she loves me, I called her, we spoke, I let her say what was in her heart. I hope and pray that she regains her health. No one is perfect and some times you have to swallow your pride and just listen even if you do not like what you hear. My oldest daughter has a wonderful heart, she likes helping people. I pray that after today there will be more happiness in her heart.
Sometimes I am afraid to post anything, because I know it will be misinterpreted. I am a write and will never stop writing. No matter who does not like me to write. I kept it on hold for man years, to be a mother first. writing is my passion, and against all odds,I will never stop writing. I cannot stop writing, I cannot because someone will be reading it and misinterpret it. I refuse to let anyone dictate what I can do and cannot do.
My readers, do not ever let anyone dictate your life, or as you to stop doing what you love doing. One thing is sure, that I will not make the same mistake twice.
I want peace and tranquility, I want to be left alone to do what I love.God help me to keep my sanity!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

It has begun

This book was written to remind those who made my life miserable. It was also written to let those who have experience the same or similar experiences to know that they are not alone and will survive. All it takes is faith, willpower and determination. The book was written to make those who are guilty to try an understand, and stop hurting me. Well it seems that those who are guilty will not admit that they are wrong. Instead of doing the right thing, they continue to be cruel. Now they are angry because the world knows the truth. It was not meant to hurt anyone, just to remind them, but the truth hurts, and they will not accept it. The names of the characters were changed, so how do they know it is them? Guilt, and by commenting about it. I have been ready to be attacked, by being attacked my purpose for writing the book has been satisfied. 

It now begins, for those who have been known as saints, heroes, respected decent people, Goodie-two-shoes, strong and powerful, loving, considerate, helpful, and good Christians, have been child molesters, weak, drug  addicts, ex-cons, idiots, inconsiderate, greedy, disrespectful, adulterers, hurtful and cruel people. The closet doors have been opened to know the real person. I have been been tortured, humiliated, disrespected and no  one defended me, I lived only for my children, trying to have food and a roof over their heads, forgetting about about me and my own  reputation. I kept a journal and promised myself that someday I would get even and remind those who made my life miserable of what they did to me and who they really were.
I feel bad for the young kids who did not realize what was going on and I am sure that they are hurting and will hate me for the rest of my life. The situation with the family has not changed, no one has ever acknowledged the good and the sacrifices I have made for my kids. My daughters do not talk to me,  but that has not changed. Before I wrote the book they treated me the same, I am used to it, no change. My oldest son hates the fact that I wrote the book and thinks that all my comments on my FaceBook are directed to those in the book. He does not realize that there are many people with the same problems and they ask me for help.I love helping  people. I write because I love to write, they should get over it, it is done, I wrote the book, it has been published, but with a lot of errors. Publish America does not edit manuscripts.
I truly pray they get over it and accept the truth, but I  know that will not happen. I just want them to leave me alone.
          I thank God that my husband understands and backs me up, for he was there when many of these things happened. He has always kept quiet, but now he told me to do what I want to do and let no one stop me.  I am at peace  with myself and God, because I have taken care of myself, no one has ever done anything for me, and if they did, I paid them for it. I thank God that although my kids are upset with me, ( except my youngest son and oldest granddaughter) are all drug free, finished their education and are all independent. It is proof that I raised them well, even if they have done some wrong, but no one s perfect. I love them unconditionally, even if they do not talk to me. I have resigned myself to the loss of my kids.
If you want to know what I am talking about, read the book with errors and all. This is the first time that I have blogged my personal, I feel so numb I cannot even understand how people can be so insensitive. No wonder the ocean and the earth are claiming back what humans took from them. I fear Mother Nature and Gods wrath more than anything for they have no mercy.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Mother

NOTE: I am not writing this for anyone in particular, I do not want anyone to pity me, or feel sorry for me. I am not throwing any hints. I am just alerting many of you who sill have their mom alive .Cherish your mother, acknowledge her, tolerate her crazy things, love her, make her feel wanted, forgive her for whatever she has done. One day she will be gone and you will never get the chance to make it up to her no matter howgood or bad she was.
I woke up today, missing my mother, wishing I could kiss her, hug her and just say "Mami" I know my mom died and never said "I love you to me, she was always saying that she never wanted to have daughters. (If and when if ever you read my book, you will know more.) I know she loved me. I cannot live without beleiving that my mom loved me. My love for my mom is unconditional even until the end of her living days, and for eternity. I hurt every moment that I think about her. My heart and soul is hurting right now, for I miss my mami. It feels like a void in my life without her. I feel so alone, even in the middle of a big family.
Love your mother, cherish her, adore her every minute you have her, because one day she will be gone and like me you will miss her. I don't see her faults, I see a woman who went through 9 months carrying me, having excruciating pains when she gave birth to me, fed, carried me, cleaned my butt, while dirtying her bare hands with my urine and feeces until I learned to do it on my own. Washed my dirty diapers and clothes, dressed me. Yes she had grandmas help, but she did not have to do it. God knows what else my mom went through that I don't know.
We do not know everything or why. I just kow that I loved my mom and I miss her terribly. I pray that wherever she is, she knows that I love her and miss her.
Sunday is Mother's Day and I wish the best for all Mothers

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My 5th Wedding Anniversary

Five years agoApril 14, 2012,

I married a man, whom I had been living with for 16 years. When I finally accepted his proposal a lot of people were surprised, and his family and friends said. “IT’S ABOUT TIME.”

I had all my kids and grandkids together under my roof. I was ecstatically overwhelmed, not realizing that I would lose my three daughters, four grandsons, and one granddaughter, for committing a crime I did not realize I had committed.

The crime was writing a book, it was published that same year in December. I had planned for many years to write my autobiography. I kept a journal all those years. I do not deny that I wanted to let those who belittled me, demeaned me, humiliated me, made my life miserable for many years know what they had done. I also wanted my children to know how much they hurt me and how disrespectful and cruel they were to me. I could not tell the personally because they would never listen. None of them ever listened. I thought that perhaps when they read it, they would understand and realize how bad I was hurting and they would stop being mean and cruel to me. I also wrote the book so that others who have experience the same or similar experience would know that they are not alone, and know that they can survive. Instead my daughters convicted me as a bad mother, and stopped talking to me. I was portrayed as a bad mother and my grandsons stopped talking to me too. Even then I apologized in writing, texting, on Facebook, for unwillingly hurting them. It was never my intention to hurt my kids. They all ignored my apologies. I adore my kids, how can they think I would ever hurt any of them. I realize their Ego is hurt, I know they are angry; I also know and realize that the truth hurts and they refuse to admit it. I pray to God they stop this grudge before I or one of them passes away. I did my part as a god mother, I apologized. It is now up to them, they blame the book, but what happened before the book? My two boys, oldest granddaughter love me unconditionally and thank God they talk to me. My step-daughter read the book and apologized for her behavior with me.

I love my kids unconditionally, and will love them forever.

A week after we were married, my husband had a heart attack and almost died. That was the moment that I realized how much I loved him. I asked God to please not take him yet; we did not have time to enjoy our love. I felt that real love was born in my heart, a love that I had never experienced, a beautiful, clean, sensual and unconditional love, forsaking all others. God gave him back to me. No one knew the man beneath the person, everyone had been telling me to leave him, before we got married. I am glad I did not listen, for although he has his faults, he is the perfect man, not to mention tall dark and handsome too. In our old age, our love has grown stronger as the days go by, and we are as one, for we finish each others conversations, before either of us finishes, we do not have to talk to know what each other wants. That dear people is true love. I ask God every day to bless our marriage, as I asked the Goddess and spirits and powers of the elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and all that is powerful and mighty to bless and protect our marriage, and us.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Publisher Convention and book signing

Author Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos will be attending the Publish America Convention, May 1, 2012, at the Florida Hotel in Orlando, from 9 a.m- 4:00 p.m. Ruth will alsol be at the book signingevent, at .Florida Mall from 5:00 p.m. - 7:00.
Ruth M Gacia-Marmolejos is the Author of her Autobiography RUTH MINERVA, and Childrens Fiction, Jadyn and Rojo The Red Alligator
I invite you to come to they book signing event. Attached are picutres and more information, plus pictures of Author Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos and her books.


Friday, January 20, 2012

My writingis mine, and I will not let anyone change my writing

I wrote this in all my bloggersand website:
I do not mind constuctive critisism with my writing, I do not mind some editing for some grammar corretions, but when an editor wants me to change what I wrote, it s no longer my story. Writing to me, is like talking to people. make them feel good, enjoying what I write. Using big words can some times confuse people. You want grammar and punctuation? Go to school. Writing and making readers feel good, taking readers to imaginaray trips with my writing, will help put them in a comfortable place and enjoy my stories. That my friends and colleagues is what my writing is all about.