Sunday, December 9, 2012

Do people get too old to receive gifts?

Now I understand why my mother stopped giving gifts at Christmas.  Every year she went out of her way to spend money and go shopping for gifts for me, my brothers, my -law, my husband, all of her grandchildren, Great-grandchildren, nieces nephews, friends,and God children. Mami (my mother) cooked big meals like pasteles, pork butt, Turkey, Rice with peas, white rice for those who did not eat red rice and salads.  Mami also made desserts like coconut rice pudding and tembleque, she also made a Spanish coconut egg yolk with liquor called "coquito." Everyone had a wonderful time, I tried helping her with the dishes but she never let me do it. My sisters in laws did it.
On mothers day Mami cooked and whenever there was a holiday.
Time went on and as the family grew they went their ways, but Mami always cooked for the holidays and we all went.  My father died and Mami continued to buy presents for everyone. Year went by Mami got old and many stopped giving her gifts. I understand that Mami was intolerable at times, but she never stopped buying gifts.
One day she began to realize that her grandchildren stopped visiting her and did not bother to call to see how she was. My oldest daughter called her every day, I made sure to call her every day and take her shopping or to the Doctors or clinic appointments. My brothers called her every day.
I myself began to notice that Mami kept buying gifts, but all of a sudden no one was giving her gifts.
One day she decided not to buy gifts for anyone except the youngest grandchildren my brothers and me. Mami told me that she felt that no one was paying her any mind or calling her, so she decided not to buy to many gifts to people who did not appreciate her. I heard a certain young man say that he did not give her any gifts because she was  old and would die soon. His believe is that when people get old they die and it is useless to give them gifts. I knew this was totally idiotic, Mami outlived all of her eight sons and husband.  have seen many old people outlive younger people.
Mami loved putting up a tree and decorating the house her fire escape and contributed to decorating the street.  Sadly, Mami stopped decorating and buying presents except for my brothers and me. We are her children and she knew we always waited for our presents. The presents that she bought for the youngest grandchildren were picked up late so she stopped buying them gifts too. I miss her so much, I miss her even if she was a big pain in the behind.
That brinsg me to today, for it is happening to me and a lot of seniors, but not everyone thinks the same.