Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Young and The Seniors

The Young and the seniors


I am writing these articles, so that the young generation will someday realize that they too will be seniors, Elderlies, (a nice word for old).

Not all seniors go senile and act like children. Every day I see, and read people when they see an old person’s picture, a mother, a grandmother, a great-grandmother, a father, a grandfather, old aunt or uncle. Then I see people say awww, how sweet, especially Latinos say que chulita or chulitoo (meaning how cute. That, to me sounds like a compliment for a dress or article, as traje chulo (cute dress).

Senior are not cute, I doubt if any adult likes to be called cute!

This is patronizing B.S that ought to be outlawed in a world of civility.

Living accommodations for seniors insist upon referring to it as ‘ELDER CARE”. Every time I see that term I hate it. It is so demeaning as if those of us who are over 65 are frail and needy. Why not call us senior citizens? Just don’t say “elderly”.

I’m 71. Why do you need to call me anything? I am me! And pleeeease, don’t call me Cute. Ok, I was a baby-boomer. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually, I’m the best I’ve ever been. I had a bad fall many years ago, and that affected me physically, but I was able to outrun many. I don’t feel like a senior citizen. Call on me. Don’t give me names. Don’t patronize me.

I refer to myself and anyone over 65 as a senior. (SeƱora.). I’ve known people who are still young who are sourpusses, sticks in the mud, so it’s a mistake to judge a person by their age. I’m a woman who has had a busy, interesting life and who still has good manners a Published Author, a Psychic, My memories of when I was two years old are still there. Many clerks, workers in offices treat senior like children and tell them to be good. I want so much to give them a fat lip! No one of any age should be put down.

I’ve got a few words of advice for those who do not understand older people.

I read this in an article and I am sharing it. “I want you to do this for your education and growth. You must stand beside some older person for this exercise. Now, bend your head and look down and both sets of feet. Tell me, where are you standing? Give up? Okay, I’ll tell you. You are standing next to an elderly person who is only a few steps ahead of you on the very same path from Birth right into Eternity. Babies, toddlers, children, young adults, middle-ages, the elderly all walk the same path every day. Always have, always will. We’re all headed for the same EXIT–and it’s the only game in town. And if you’re very lucky you, too, will reach the place where the elderly now call their territory (they don’t envy you, they were already in that play). If you poke fun at them you are literally poking fun at your future. It’s never a bad stroke of luck to grow old, it’s a privilege. So we lucky elderlies need to remember that the young who poke fun and laugh, well, the joke’s on them, isn’t it? (Smile)

If you are a functioning human being, you should be respected. That’s what is wrong with our society…when we are all human beings trying to make the most of this life. Why can’t we all be referred to as a person?

Even if some are sick and senile, they have feelings too.

I laugh when I see the younger generation treat me like a child, try and teach me what I knew before they were born. Many times I keep quiet, and then when time passes, I surprise them. All the time that they have been patronizing me, I have been patronizing them.

We seniors, or the Elderly, are the people who taught the young what the world is all about, and even at our age, we continue to teach them. Remember I am

Chulita and cute, but don’t call me that, I feel being disrespected and treated like a child. I have not yet reached that state thank God. Even if I do give me the respect that I have earned.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mortals where do we begin? What shall we believe in?

A lot of people wait until they need God to pray, others need to tell people that they pray or believe in God thinking that their sins will go away. Others hide behind the bible or religion to erase their bad deeds. I do not live the bible, I learn from it. I thank God every day and remember him every day, not only when I need him. I ask for forgiveness if I have unconsciously sinned.  I was not there when God created earth,or humans. I was not there when they wrote the bible or crucified Jesus, therefore, I as well as many, is innocent of whatever sins that  I have committed. I see so many posts of pictures and images of Jesus, but is that the picture of the real Jesus? Yet the bible says something about not loving images. I do not want to be rude or criticize, I love Jesus even if I never met him, but because it is written that he sacrificed his life for his fellow humans. So many different religions, each criticizing the other. The Media  with their news about the Mayans, scared the hell out of many when they said the world is ending. Many even spent millions to build underground shelters. Now the media is trying to scare us saying that  Aliens were, and will be here. What is the new generation of children going to believe? I believe that we were brainwashed. I believe in what I see and have felt. I have felt God and my Goddess, and guardians. elements of earth, air, fire and water. But yet many call people like me witches.
I have read that witches were burned in the past, only because humans were to ignorant or dumb or were brainwashed to believe that witches are evil.  I have also seen so many fill a Facebook page about prayers, different pictures of Jesus. I call them fanatic who are afraid that death is near and they have nothing to hang on to but their believes. Yes, it is beautiful to believe, but trying to convince yourself that you believe is something else, I call that doubt.
Now I see different things on the TV history network, now it is about how the world will have visitors from another planet, or trying to tell us that maybe the Gods our ancestors saw were aliens and we call them Gods. 
I know that we humans have  a mark on the palm of our hands. It is an "M" Meaning Mortals. Meaning that we will all die at one time or another.