Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Are you ready to live with a drug and/or alcoholic Abuser?

Are you ready to live with a drug or alcoholic Abuser?


When and if you ever meet a nice young man or woman, and they are very educated, sweet, desirable, well dressed, talk and sweep you off your feet, make sure that you know them well. If you find out that they either drink alcohol or use drugs, rung like hell and don’t look back. Believe me when I say, once a drug addict or alcoholic, will always be a drug addict and/or an alcoholic. Do not believe that they will ever stop, because they cannot. Cancer is decease, drugs and alcohol eats the mind, controls them. They are good kind hearted  and even hard working people, they mean what they say and promise, until their addiction takes over.

Many will try hard, they will go to programs, hospitals, and they may get clean for years or maybe decades, but one day the urge will take them back and the whole process starts again. I will break the two and try to explain the difference:

An alcoholic, not a social alcoholic or a weekend alcoholic, but a person who drinks every day cannot function unless they are drunk. Many alcoholics drink and bother no one, they just drink until they pass out, and one day their liver gives up and they die of either Cancer or other alcoholic related disease. We then have the alcoholic who likes to socialize and dance and have fun. Then we have the dangerous alcoholics who get violent, they ether like to fight other people, beat their partner up, or just go ballistic and break everything in their sights. Some have also killed someone. When they sober up, they cannot remember and the apologies and promises begin. They can be very convincing, their partner and/or family believe them and forgive. Days later the alcohol syndrome repeats itself. When the alcohol finishes and there is no money, that’s when the alcoholic goes desperate and demands money or will steal money to buy their alcohol. Many are smart enough to go to their friend’s and neighbor’s houses and get free drinks. This goes on for decades until the alcoholic kills someone, goes to jail or dies. The family and loved ones have already been mentally abused and finally some peace.

The drug addict has a more expensive addiction. Once they need the drug, they will get nasty, violent; they will steal everything including the kitchen sink. They will sell all the food in the house, including baby food, if you have babies, dog food, any kind of pet food, you cannot hide anything, because they will find it. They have this sixth sense to find money. They will also sell their clothes and whatever clothes they find. Many try to stop, they go to hospitals, programs, rehabs and they get clean for years, even decades. One day the urge comes back and they start using all over again, and the hell continues until they kill someone and go to jail, or die. Only then will their family and loved ones be at peace and relax.

The majority of the drug addicts, when they stop using drugs, start drinking alcohol, and become alcoholics. The escape from drugs to alcohol and hell continues even worse.

The partners and family become co-dependent; they cannot work, sleep or think, worrying about the alcohol or drug abusers. There is lack of sleep, worries that their belongings will disappear, the children if any will be in danger of either using, or becoming drug or alcohol abuser too. One cannot function when becoming co-dependent.

I know of this all to be true, because I have lived through both.

It is truly an ongoing nightmare, living with a drug and alcohol abuser.

I know many that have stopped and are living a happy life with their spouses. That is because their love for their family and for themselves is greater than the substance abuse. They do admit that the feeling is there and have fought the urge. Can you live the rest of your life like that?