Monday, October 4, 2010

Reminding all that Saturday October 9, from 9-4 there will be an Authors Fair given by the Friends of Deltona Library. I will be one of the Authors attendingwith my my book signing, My book is RUTH MINERVA BY Ruth M Garcia-Marmolejos. I hope to see many there it will be lot of fun.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

I learned about people who talk a lot

Some say we learn from our mistakes, I also learn from other’s mistakes. I also learn how to act by noticing how others some times do what I do without realizing it. I was listening to a person go on and on about how great she is, talking about the things she did in the past always having a story about how great she is, not giving me a chance to put a word in the conversation, talking so much and half the things I was not interested in. I had to listen because I did not want to be rude. When she left, I realized, that I too do the same thing. I wonder how many times I have bored a person to death without meaning to. I have truly learned, and am now a better person, because I will make sure not to hog the conversations and listen. Maybe it is my ego, that unconsciously makes me do that. Some people do it because unconsciously they want to feel great. Others misunderstand it and think that people like me want to be better than others or some times jealousy is the perpetrator. Whatever reason, I have had enough sense to learn and but understand them better.
I have seen many people walk away or hide from others instead of trying to understand that some of these people are also lonely and in need of talking to some one. Some are lonely because they live by themselves and have no one to talk to. or the people at home do not talk to them. A lot of younger people do not talk to seniors either, they forget that they too will one day go that road. We have to understand and hope that we may never run into the same situation.
Many of us talk a lot because we just like to talk. Remember that it may be your fault if someone talks a lot, listen , reply to their conversation, make them feel wanted and hear them. You will one day get there too.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Invisible Senior

Hey! I’m here, doesn’t anyone see me? No one hears me, yet I am in the middle. I talk, no one listens, no one pays mind, am I invisible? Now I know that I am not being loud or obnoxious. Hmmm, I wonder. The music is on, since no one takes me out to dance, I will dance with myself. Oh, nice slow music, I love dancing slow, oops the music got faster. I can dance salsa, I have not danced in a long time. Wow! My feet do not want to move faster, oops I almost fell, The people must think that I am drunk. But wait they do not see me so why should I care. Everyone is laughing, is it at me or with me? Ok I am exhausted, whew!!!! This never happened before. Let me go drink water ad sit down. Hey how are you young lady? I am ignored again. O well, I think I will walk outside.
Everyone is running out and jumping in the pool, let me run too. Whoa, I can’t run, what is wrong with me? Let me get out of the way before the kids run me over.
Something looks and feels weird here, hmmm, I wonder. OK I will sit down for a while and look at the others. I smile, everyone is smiling. Am I dead or invisible? I have to go to the bathroom, let me go now. I hope the bathroom is empty. Ok, it is empty, as I walk in front of a big mirror, I see an old woman, I walk back to the mirror and I look, wow that lady looks like an older version of me. I fix my hair and the lady in the mirror fixes her hair, is she mimicking me? I look real good, then I realize that the woman in the mirror is me. Oh my God, I gasped. That is me, where has time gone, how did I get old so fast? No wonder I am invisible those younger people want nothing to do with me. There is no use for me any more. I am like an orange when squeezed, no more juice, so I am thrown aside. I will not give up, I am going to continue my life even if I continue to be invisible to many. Seniors like me can get together, have fun ad live life. They will some day go the same route I went through.
Many seniors feel this way, because their families forget that although they are old they are still human and need attention.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Is it coming?

Everything was wonderful, I had my ups and downs in life, but not what I had expected. What a shock. I was told it was coming after me and there was nothing anyone could do. Wow! It is coming to get me, but when. I cannot outrun it, I cannot hide for it will find me. Oh my God! The pain starts I need something to stop the pain. I got it. Oh well, it will go away, it can’t be that bad. Days go by, the pain continues. Let me get my new found friend. The pain does not go away. I need a stronger friend this one will not do. Ahhh! It is stronger. Months go by it has not come for me yet, I wonder what it is waiting for? Oh well it probably will not come. Agh! The pain again, I feel it getting stronger, my friend! Where is my friend? I cannot be without my friend, the pain is getting stronger. I hate the world, I hate everyone. No one understands that I need my friend, the pain does not go away, and it does not come for me. Ahhh! Sigh. I found a stronger and more powerful friend. I cannot feel the pain. My boyfriend is still with me, my family loves me, and I have my strong friend with me.
Years pass by, decades, and it has not come for me, I guess it is not coming, I would be happier if the pain went away. Everyone is leaving me, my boyfriend broke up with me, my family leaves me alone. My friend keeps me painless, but I need my family and my friends. Ohhh, the pain is getting stronger, I need my friend but it is too weak, why can’t I find a stronger friend? I feel so lonely, no one wants to be with me, but I cannot blame anyone. It has not come for me, I keep waiting but it does not come will it ever come? Did it forget about me? I know it will come for me one day, but when? I do not want to wait anymore, I want it to hurry up and get me. I do not want to feel this pain anymore. My friend is too weak it cannot keep the pain asleep.
Yes, readers it will come, but no one knows, she was told it was coming for her, everyone got tired of waiting, but does anyone know when death comes?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Being a mother is a lifetime job. If you do accept the responsability, you do not give others your children to take care of. I do not think having children for others to take care of is accepted unless you have to work to support them, But when you are finished with work, you go to your children. Many couples now a days have children, and forget their resposabilities as parents. Once you become a parent, hanging out with friends, partying and all the good single stuff ends. You do the hanging out and good stuff with your kids. Once they all become adults you can continue uour partying. Grandmothers are there to spoil the kids not to become their parents. some do not realize that children miss their parents. If you love partying do not have children, for they wil be on your way. You will be hurting yourself and the kids. If you want a life of your own stay single.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Psychic world

To discover the unknown, to discover that you are one of them, being psychic can be good, yet it can be bad. Knowing the future, some believe that it should be left alone, while others want to know. I use it for self defense. A lot of people confuse psychics. The spirit world is amazing, as well as dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. Many have different gifts. The gifts have another name, "Powers."

Yes, some of us are also known as witches, good witches, bad witches, different names for different powers. To have powers is great, if you know how to use them, when to use them and are able to defend yourself. Remember that there is always someone who is more powerful than you. "Ruth Mineva" has many, read the boook to find out.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Not older but wiser

When you were born,I taught you and did my best to raise you.You grow up,you want to control me. You think that because I am old, I stop living. You make me feel old and a senile vegetable, when you talk about me to the other siblings and decide my life behind my back. You make me want to die when you do not trust my judgement. You make me feel sad and useless when you do not take a second to call me, because you are too busy with your own life. Do not wait for me to die, then kiss a cold, hard stone. Tell me you love me hug, kiss, and give me flowers now so that I can enjoy it. My dead body cannot hear, my spirit cannot touch you. Just because I am old does not mean that I am dying soon, for death knows no age. I am here now, you or I may not be here tomorow. I am not ready to be dependent on anyone, but when I ask for help , will you come or will you be too busy and send me to a nursing home? If you cannot help, let me be. I am the person I have always been,just older and wiser.