Friday, March 26, 2010

Being a mother is a lifetime job. If you do accept the responsability, you do not give others your children to take care of. I do not think having children for others to take care of is accepted unless you have to work to support them, But when you are finished with work, you go to your children. Many couples now a days have children, and forget their resposabilities as parents. Once you become a parent, hanging out with friends, partying and all the good single stuff ends. You do the hanging out and good stuff with your kids. Once they all become adults you can continue uour partying. Grandmothers are there to spoil the kids not to become their parents. some do not realize that children miss their parents. If you love partying do not have children, for they wil be on your way. You will be hurting yourself and the kids. If you want a life of your own stay single.

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