Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Is it coming?

Everything was wonderful, I had my ups and downs in life, but not what I had expected. What a shock. I was told it was coming after me and there was nothing anyone could do. Wow! It is coming to get me, but when. I cannot outrun it, I cannot hide for it will find me. Oh my God! The pain starts I need something to stop the pain. I got it. Oh well, it will go away, it can’t be that bad. Days go by, the pain continues. Let me get my new found friend. The pain does not go away. I need a stronger friend this one will not do. Ahhh! It is stronger. Months go by it has not come for me yet, I wonder what it is waiting for? Oh well it probably will not come. Agh! The pain again, I feel it getting stronger, my friend! Where is my friend? I cannot be without my friend, the pain is getting stronger. I hate the world, I hate everyone. No one understands that I need my friend, the pain does not go away, and it does not come for me. Ahhh! Sigh. I found a stronger and more powerful friend. I cannot feel the pain. My boyfriend is still with me, my family loves me, and I have my strong friend with me.
Years pass by, decades, and it has not come for me, I guess it is not coming, I would be happier if the pain went away. Everyone is leaving me, my boyfriend broke up with me, my family leaves me alone. My friend keeps me painless, but I need my family and my friends. Ohhh, the pain is getting stronger, I need my friend but it is too weak, why can’t I find a stronger friend? I feel so lonely, no one wants to be with me, but I cannot blame anyone. It has not come for me, I keep waiting but it does not come will it ever come? Did it forget about me? I know it will come for me one day, but when? I do not want to wait anymore, I want it to hurry up and get me. I do not want to feel this pain anymore. My friend is too weak it cannot keep the pain asleep.
Yes, readers it will come, but no one knows, she was told it was coming for her, everyone got tired of waiting, but does anyone know when death comes?

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