Friday, May 14, 2010

Invisible Senior

Hey! I’m here, doesn’t anyone see me? No one hears me, yet I am in the middle. I talk, no one listens, no one pays mind, am I invisible? Now I know that I am not being loud or obnoxious. Hmmm, I wonder. The music is on, since no one takes me out to dance, I will dance with myself. Oh, nice slow music, I love dancing slow, oops the music got faster. I can dance salsa, I have not danced in a long time. Wow! My feet do not want to move faster, oops I almost fell, The people must think that I am drunk. But wait they do not see me so why should I care. Everyone is laughing, is it at me or with me? Ok I am exhausted, whew!!!! This never happened before. Let me go drink water ad sit down. Hey how are you young lady? I am ignored again. O well, I think I will walk outside.
Everyone is running out and jumping in the pool, let me run too. Whoa, I can’t run, what is wrong with me? Let me get out of the way before the kids run me over.
Something looks and feels weird here, hmmm, I wonder. OK I will sit down for a while and look at the others. I smile, everyone is smiling. Am I dead or invisible? I have to go to the bathroom, let me go now. I hope the bathroom is empty. Ok, it is empty, as I walk in front of a big mirror, I see an old woman, I walk back to the mirror and I look, wow that lady looks like an older version of me. I fix my hair and the lady in the mirror fixes her hair, is she mimicking me? I look real good, then I realize that the woman in the mirror is me. Oh my God, I gasped. That is me, where has time gone, how did I get old so fast? No wonder I am invisible those younger people want nothing to do with me. There is no use for me any more. I am like an orange when squeezed, no more juice, so I am thrown aside. I will not give up, I am going to continue my life even if I continue to be invisible to many. Seniors like me can get together, have fun ad live life. They will some day go the same route I went through.
Many seniors feel this way, because their families forget that although they are old they are still human and need attention.

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