Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Revenge with Hurricane Sandy Frankenstorm

It would be very hipocritical of me to say that I am sorry that Frankenstorm went toNew York city. I must stop gettting angry because I hurt many.  I know that is was a coincidence but I wanted a big hurricane to hit New York. I have been hurt by so  many in New York that I want them to hurt. I am a New York Rican now residing in Florida. I know  how New Yorkers think. They are invulnerable, nothing hurts them and that atttitute, make many hate them. New Yorkers are survvivors, We can take anything thrown at us. Too many stones were thrown a me, hurt me, I may forgive, hurt my kids or hurt me with  kids and I am coming after you full blast, and leaving no prisoners. I love the fact that it happened on Halloween week!  I wanted my enemies blown away. I am through being nice, it gets me nowhere. Strange how Sandy Frankenstorm just happened to turn and go straight to New York. Even the news wrote that it is a once in a life time thing, a biblical thing, a strange thing. I cannot say that I am sorry and feel bad, because I don't. I protected my own. All I said was, "May God have mercy with them."
         I feel no Mercy, I am not glad that so many innocent people lost their property, lives and electrical power, and I hope they can start over. I live in Florida, I have been through many storms and have survived, I know  how they feel.
        I have my daughters back,  we talk, we have started a new relationship. I know that there are many who did not want that to happen. They tried again, but this time I was ready for them. I am not letting anyone or anything break my family apart. I have gone through hell and back. I am not going back, I am going forward  kicking and stomping on everything that gets in my way.
      Yes, there are many things that people do not know about me, the less they know, the more  I can do.
Now back to Sandy Frankenstorm,  do you think it was strange as if done by the Supernatural, or was it a coincidence.  Who knows, I am not telling. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Friday, October 5, 2012

Peace at last

God has given me my baby girl back. Now there is  peace between my children and I. I love them all with all my heart. Tough love hurts, but it has to be given. Now we all understand each other. I also went to see my friend Kitty. I did not want her to die without us getting together one more time. We wanted to do so much, but we both cannot do much walking, but we did spend time together. All is good now.  I have always said, never wait for the end, it might be too late. Families and true friends should do every thing they want to do together so there will be no regrets.  Now I can continue my writing. I have so much to write about. My new book,a Novel, "ETERNAL LOVERS." I am sending to the publisher. Now I will be writing AS  THE CHAT TURNS. It is about old chatters who have been together and have helped each other from 1999 to present. If you want something done do it yourself, for only you knows exactly what you want. I always go for what I want and  succeed, thank God.