Sunday, February 7, 2010

Not older but wiser

When you were born,I taught you and did my best to raise you.You grow up,you want to control me. You think that because I am old, I stop living. You make me feel old and a senile vegetable, when you talk about me to the other siblings and decide my life behind my back. You make me want to die when you do not trust my judgement. You make me feel sad and useless when you do not take a second to call me, because you are too busy with your own life. Do not wait for me to die, then kiss a cold, hard stone. Tell me you love me hug, kiss, and give me flowers now so that I can enjoy it. My dead body cannot hear, my spirit cannot touch you. Just because I am old does not mean that I am dying soon, for death knows no age. I am here now, you or I may not be here tomorow. I am not ready to be dependent on anyone, but when I ask for help , will you come or will you be too busy and send me to a nursing home? If you cannot help, let me be. I am the person I have always been,just older and wiser.

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