Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Mother

NOTE: I am not writing this for anyone in particular, I do not want anyone to pity me, or feel sorry for me. I am not throwing any hints. I am just alerting many of you who sill have their mom alive .Cherish your mother, acknowledge her, tolerate her crazy things, love her, make her feel wanted, forgive her for whatever she has done. One day she will be gone and you will never get the chance to make it up to her no matter howgood or bad she was.
I woke up today, missing my mother, wishing I could kiss her, hug her and just say "Mami" I know my mom died and never said "I love you to me, she was always saying that she never wanted to have daughters. (If and when if ever you read my book, you will know more.) I know she loved me. I cannot live without beleiving that my mom loved me. My love for my mom is unconditional even until the end of her living days, and for eternity. I hurt every moment that I think about her. My heart and soul is hurting right now, for I miss my mami. It feels like a void in my life without her. I feel so alone, even in the middle of a big family.
Love your mother, cherish her, adore her every minute you have her, because one day she will be gone and like me you will miss her. I don't see her faults, I see a woman who went through 9 months carrying me, having excruciating pains when she gave birth to me, fed, carried me, cleaned my butt, while dirtying her bare hands with my urine and feeces until I learned to do it on my own. Washed my dirty diapers and clothes, dressed me. Yes she had grandmas help, but she did not have to do it. God knows what else my mom went through that I don't know.
We do not know everything or why. I just kow that I loved my mom and I miss her terribly. I pray that wherever she is, she knows that I love her and miss her.
Sunday is Mother's Day and I wish the best for all Mothers

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