Thursday, April 3, 2014

My workouts at Volusia Flagler Family YMCA



In 2003, I decided to move to Florida, from New York City, and get away from it all! I always wanted to buy a house where I could spend my old age without burdening my children. One of my sons had moved to Florida, and I thought it would be best to have at least one of my children near me, in case of an emergency; my other children would not worry because one of them was nearby. I got away from it all alright, I found myself in the early 20th century. I thought that I had moved to “Father knows best land, and Mayberry, where Andy Griffith lived. You go outside and if you do not have your lights on it is total darkness, it’s like a ghost town. No stores nearby, we had to drive everywhere we had to go, no buses or trains. The neighbors live in their own world, a person dies and no one knows. Life in New York City is different, the neighbors care, we have transportation, and many other places to go. I began to gain weight, because there was nothing to do and nowhere to go except the big attractions like Disneyland, Wet-N-wild, Deltona Raceway and places that are very expensive. I was going out of my mind with boredom. We did go fishing some times. One day in 2009, I went to the Supermarket and discovered a gym for women only. I joined and was now able to go somewhere even if it was to do workout for 30 minutes. I looked forward to getting up in the morning to go to the gym for 30 minutes. The owner’s daughter also the trainer is very attentive, many of the women were very friendly. After working out for a year, I finally lost 15 lbs. We had a lot of fun, and one of the members loved to take cupcakes whenever there was a birthday. I loved making them laugh and looked forward to going to do my workouts.
Things were not going well at the Deltona location, and the daughter had to merge with the owner’s gym, in Orange City, Florida, They moved. and things began to change; many women could not go to Orange city because of the gas situation being very expensive. I started to go three days a week, because I could not afford the gas prices. I also began to feel uncomfortable; the ladies were not as friendly as the ones who went to Deltona. My back began to hurt again, and I was unable to walk. I had too many doctors appointment, and the medicines and drugs were not working. I was sent to rehab, where I got 4 needles in one day, and I had this done three times. Instead of getting better I got worse, I had to get a power chair because I could not walk. I decided to do my own home remedies. I bought a Dancing with the Stars Latin Salsa aerobics DVD, starring Maksim Chimerkovskiy, and Sheryl Burke, and did my workouts. It hurt in the beginning, but then I began to walk and feel better. I lost a couple of lbs; I even went to New York City to welcome my new grandson who was born August 2013. I lost more weight in NYC. When I returned home I decided to go back to the gym to continue my workouts, again, they moved to another location in a shopping center next to a big Department store, also in Orange City. It is a very classy place but smaller. I noticed that fewer of the ladies I knew were not going any more. Again I began to feel uncomfortable. Trainers are very nice ladies, the owner gave me a nice bag for my birthday, but I felt as if I was in ice. When we were in Deltona, I had my first book published, I gave the ladies a complimentary book signed, and when they moved, I was given the book back! I felt very bad because I donated the book so all the ladies would have a chance to read it, since there was a magazine and book case full of books for the ladies to take home read and return, but they treated my book as if it meant nothing. One of the other trainers took it home to read and bring it back for the other ladies to read, but she never returned it. I also had my second and third books published, I told them about it, I wanted the owner to know that I had named one of the characters on the book after their beloved deceased dog, but since I was ignored I change the name of the doggie.
Today we have Wal-mart, Walgreens, Publix and other stores around the corner, Lowes, CVS and other stores nearby, we also have buses, running more frequent, and the bus stops are nearby too.
I then decided to try the YMCA in Deltona. Marco and I went inside and the staff was very nice to us. I then decided to join. When I came out of the gym Marco was having conversations with the people sitting on the lobby. We went to the van and along the way home, Marco decided to join too. Marco is one not to like being in crowds, or socializing with people. But he enjoyed exchanging conversations with the people there. The following day Marco joined. We have been members for only three months, and already Marco started to lose weight and I too have lost weight.
I like the fact that I can stay on the machines until I do my full workouts, instead of having to get off the machines because someone else is waiting to get on! We can stay at the Y as long as we feel to socialize with others, have coffee, a complimentary from the Y staff.
I continued to go to the other gym three times a week, but then management installed new machines and asked the members not to wear their street shoes at the Gym. I did not understand and asked why at their website, but I got no reply. I was not about to get new sneakers just to go to the gym for 30 minutes. The Gym was beginning to sound too rich for me, although Sliver Sneakers pays for my membership. Maybe management did not understand, but I decided to go to the Y and do Silver Sneakers Aerobics, along with my regular workout, three days a week. I don’t have to travel to Orange City and I also save gas plus Marco accompanies me, instead of staying in the car having to wait for me at the parking lot near the other gym. Don’t misunderstand me, the gym in Orange City is a very good place to workout, but I like the service that we get at the Y.
If you have children, they have a baby sitting staff and they take good care of the children. Everyone is very supportive and friendly, they have Zumba classes, other aerobic classes, swimming classes, water aerobics, televisions and people of all ages attend.
I enjoy the fact that seniors of all ages do workouts and are treated with respect. Many companies contribute and volunteer to help. I am very happy to be a member of FOUR TOWNES FAMILY YMCA, they have also acknowledged me as an author of my three published books, RUTH MINERVA, my autobiography, Jadyn and Rojo the Red Alligator, a children’s book, and ETERNAL LOVERS, a Novella. I am also a Psychic reader and healer.
We even got our pictures taken and displayed with my books, and they were displayed at the front of the lobby. We were also acknowledged at their website.
I hope that our small donation helps in some way.
Marco and I have been welcomed and plan to be members of the Y as long as we can. FOUR TOWNES FAMILY YMCA is a wonderful place to go and workout, feel better about ourselves and socialize! If you visit the website you will be informed o the many programs they have. I will post the link, and pictures that I took at Four Townes Family YMCA.








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